Wall of Peace

After the first 10,000 prints have been purchased, construction on The Global Gallery Wall of Peace online will begin.

As soon as it is completed, everyone who has purchased a print will be invited to click on a link that will take them to The Global Gallery Wall of Peace.

With a few clicks they they will be able to:

  1. Select the colour of their brick
  2. Engrave their name onto their brick
  3. Add their city and country
  4. Upload the flag of their country
  5. Engrave their personal Sentence of Peace for all to read
  6. Link their brick to other bricks
  7. Browse along the wall
  8. Email their brick to family and friends to inspire and uplift them
  9. All Sentences of Peace will be be open for nomination by the general public. Winning Sentences of Peace will be printed onto merchandise and sold worldwide. The author of each winning Sentence of Peace would receive royalty payments from the sale of all merchandise featuring their winning Sentence of Peace