Tick the Box for Stepping Outside the Box

Tick the Box for Stepping Outside the Box

There are many people who live their lives conforming to what they have been programmed to do without questioning it. Then sadly it hits them. In some cases we may call it a mid-life crisis. They wake up one day and ask themselves the question, “Is this it?” or “Why am I doing this?” Even after ticking all of the boxes they have been programmed to tick, the reality is that the formula for happiness and success was not achieved by ticking all of the programmed boxes.

“Sometimes we may have to step outside of the box in order to tick it as your ticket for success.”

Controlling Your Mind Control

Another damaging bi-product of conforming to what we have been programmed to do from birth is failing to control our mind control. If we have not watched the popular soaps and reality television shows, read through the myriad of tabloid newspapers, seen the latest movies, followed the recent fashion trends, listened to the latest chart topping hits, attended the late night clubs and parties or discussed the varied relationship problems of those around us, to name a few, then we are often left on the outside of general and regular conversations. For many people the reality of being engaged in these areas is that it keeps them popular with the in crowd, even if there is very little if any positive mental or emotional stimulus. In fact, the process of being programmed is increased by accommodating all of these types of habits and trends. This leaves little or no time to explore, discover and nurture ones true identity and potential.

We can only fit so much into our lives. What we choose to put into our lives often determines the quality of life we can expect to live. If we choose to position friends within our inner circle and their aims and objectives are uninspiring to us, then the quality of our lives will be reduced and uninspired. For many people it is more important for them to be surrounded by a set of trendy friends rather than being a trendsetter.

We are often programmed to keep the status quo and to not go against the grain of popular trends that many of our friends might already follow. By conforming to this, our identity is at risk of being homogenised and reduced to blend in with those who are more concerned about keeping the status quo. No one is seen to stand out because no one is outstanding. Many become so reliant on their friends that the thought of standing on their own two feet is too much of a daunting prospect. That would require the deprogramming of ones mind in order to reprogram an individual way of thinking. In order to achieve this, we may have to step away from certain types of friendships and relationships. Not everyone who calls themselves your friend should be allowed into your inner circle. You are the ultimate guardian of your birthright, talents and destiny. If you are fortunate to have friends who truly understand and respect your quest to nurture your own positive identity, then they should be the ones you invite into your inner circle. They become the Gatekeepers of your journey and will create a buffer of protection around you.

Habitual trends

There are so many habits and trends that we may already have and follow. Although we may not be fully aware of the positive or negative impact they may have on our life, we continue to indulge ourselves. However, by internalising and personalising the covert and overt influences hidden and seen within them, we instinctively nurture and develop the core of our identity.

Identifying Your True Identity

If we develop the core of our identity from many habits and trends that we may already have and follow, but wish to have a different identity, then we have a conflict of interest. We want to be identified with positive wholesome conversations but we participate in the latest negative gossips and pointless arguments. We don’t wish to be identified with angry and volatile individuals yet we show aggression to our loved ones. We want our relationship to be identified as one that is loving but we fail to love ourselves. These types of double standards can create an identity crisis that many people may struggle with for many years. This, in part might be due to conforming to a programmed lifestyle accepted by society. However, at the same time one may have desires to not conform, step outside of the box and identify a positive and wholesome lifestyle that positions self first and society second. When this is achieved and you continue to identify your true identity, the answer to the question, “Is this the right lifestyle for me?” will be YES. When you deprogram to reprogram your mind, clarity and insightful understanding will open your eyes to see beyond the many limitations that you may or may not have allowed to be placed around you.
To be continued

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