The Patrons Plan

A Guaranteed Sculpture



The community establishment used for this example will be a school.  The Patrons Plan will allow 80 parents of a school to purchase one print each. Their purchases would guarantee an open edition sculpture for their school completely free of charge. All 80 parents would become the Patrons of the sculpture for their schools.  All 80 names would be included on the Patron’s Plaque Honour Roll placed by the sculpture.

Subject to production, the sculpture would be delivered in four to six weeks.

Promotion From 80 to 50


For a limited time, The Global Gallery will reduce the number of 80 parents to just 50. Therefore 50 parents purchasing one print each, would still guarantee an open edition sculpture for their school.
However, before the 50 Prints Promotion is offered, there will be three Early Bird Promotions beginning with just 20 prints.

Matching Patrons


Individuals or businesses may become Match Funding Patrons. This means if an establishment requires 50 prints to guarantee a sculpture, the individual or business may purchase half of those prints (25 prints). This would match the amount of prints purchased by the members of the establishment. This also applies to all of the three Early Bird Promotions.


Sole Patrons


Individuals or businesses may purchase all of the prints on behalf of an establishment. They would donate the sculpture to that establishment and become the Sole Patron of the sculpture for that establishment.

The Patron’s Plaque

A Patron’s Plaque will be placed by the sculptures and Patron’s Certificates will be placed by donated prints. The Patron’s Plaque will read as follows:

  • In recognition of their support and desire to inspire and empower their community, The Global Gallery Limited hereby recognises the following individuals as Patrons of this sculpture.
    These Patrons have made it possible for present and future generations to view this work of art within this establishment. This sculpture is designed to promote personal peace and positive principles for life such as respect, discipline, patience, humility and forgiveness.
    We hereby pay tribute to these Patrons for providing this establishment with this Open Edition replica of the ‘A Sporting Chance for Peace’ sculpture designed and created by Donald Brown.



  1. The sculpture of £2,800 ($3,750) is equivalent to 80 prints at £35 ($49.95).
  2. 80 parents of a school who purchase one print each would guarantee an Open Edition Sculpture for theschool completely free of charge.
  3. The current promotion – Instead of 80 parents, just 50 parents may purchase one print each and still guarantee an Open Edition Sculpture for their school.
  4. The names of all 50 parents would be placed on the Honour Roll List of Patrons on a Patron’s Plaque that will be permanently placed beside the sculpture.
  5. Individuals or businesses my purchase half of the amount of prints for an establishment and become their Match Founding Patron.
  6. Individuals or businesses may purchase all of prints for an establishment and become their Sole Patron.
  7. Match Funding Patrons and Sole Patrons may donate the prints they have purchased to local community establishments of their choice. Each donated print will come with a Patrons Certificate.
  1. There will be a series of promotions beginning with 20 prints. Each promotion will increase by 10 prints.
  2. Your establishment must RSVP for the promotion that is being offered at the time. This will allow your
    parents, members or supporters to be locked into that promotion.
  3. You must coordinate your parents, members or supporters to each purchase a print for £35 ($49.95).
  4. Contact The Global Gallery to submit a one-time payment for all of your prints.
  5. The Global Gallery will ship all of your prints to you first, followed by your Open Edition Sculpture.


To participate in The Patrons Plan, contact the individual who provided you with this information.
If you were NOT contacted by an individual and you found out about The Patrons Plan via the press, media or online, contact

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