The First Global Gallery Blog Post!

The First Global Gallery Blog Post!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to The Global Gallery and also to my blog. For those of you who have followed and supported me over the years, I extend my gratitude and appreciation to all of you. To those of you who have become familiar with my work and journey more recently, I welcome you. 2016 has started off with a bang for me. I am still on a high after being selected by the Association of Experts, Writers and speakers of America for the Fortune Magazine list of Game Changes for 2016. As a result, I have been invited to speak about my work and initiative at the United Nations in New York in June. I hope that my blog will provide insight, inspiration and empowerment for you. Addressing the real life issues provides one of the foundations on which my sculptures are created. I welcome your thoughts.

From the moment we are born and in many cases, whilst we are still in the womb, it begins. Through the sounds, suggestions, advice, dictation and demonstrations from our environment and those around us, we can so easily become programmed to live our lives in a way that is seemingly socially acceptable. However, the question that begs to be asked is, “Is that the right lifestyle for me or would I be conforming to what I have been programmed to do.”

It’s time to eat, sleep, go to school, play, do homework, go to college, study, graduate, get a job, buy a car, find a partner, get married, buy a house, decorate it, get a promotion, have a baby, have another baby, get a bigger house, go on holiday, pursue a hobby, do something charitable and the list goes on. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these endeavours, the question remains, “Is that the right lifestyle for me or would I be conforming to what I have been programmed to do.”

Very often, many people may not realise that they have been programmed to live their lives the way others have systematically done for decades. It is considered normal and acceptable because society seemingly approves of such a lifestyle. Until one day the question hits you. Why am I living this way? This could occur after we observe what appears to be a greater quality or more meaningful life enjoyed by others. This is sometimes coupled with the talents or visions we have or had, that lay dormant throughout our life because they were not compatible with the programming we received from birth. Usually obscure passions or careers outside of the tradition of ones family are frowned upon. Your mother was a nurse and your father was a fireman, your grandmother was a nurse and your grandfather was a fireman. If you were able to follow in the family tradition of a nurse or firemen, then you would be expected to do so and possibly frowned upon if you did not. But here is that question again, “Is that the right lifestyle for me or would I be conforming to what I have been programmed to do.”

When making a decision that could significantly affects our life, it is better to maintain ultimate control of our mental journey in order to maintain control of our life’s journey. Allowing society or others to make decisions for us can result in our suffering the consequences of their indiscretions. Being independently decisive builds confidence and character. Even if we make poor choices we can learn and grow from understanding why those choices were not as wise as we may have initially thought. However, by seeking the valued opinions of others, it is possible to be discreet with our personal information whilst accumulating a range of advice and experiences from others that can better position us to make our own wiser decisions. This in turn enables us to progress and increase our potential for success.

To be continued…

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