Daniel Nguyen – VIETNAM/USA Donating Two Sculptures to Ghana & Brazil  (Recipient of the first three Complimentary Sculptures)


Daniel’s Remarks About the Sculpture

“A Sporting Chance for Peace” shows diversity throughout sporting accomplishments plus the different aspects of each and every activity: the genuine sensations, the actual attempts, the authentic utter perseverance, the phenomenon…and so much more.   It’s an absolutely BRILLIANT masterpiece!

Daniel’s Remarks About the Complimentary  Sculpture Opportunity  

The complimentary sculpture opportunity is an “unheard of” or “CRAAAAZY” deal.  It’s an absolutely “NO brainer”.
I am purchasing two extra prints so I can receive two extra sculptures that I will donate back to the community.  It gives me a great sense of pride and purpose to know that I can make a positive difference in this way.  Mr. Brown has created a very innovative way to unite and mobilize people throughout the world to promote peace and accomplish a social impact investment.  It is an honor to be part of such an awesome initiative and to have this as part of my legacy.
In my investment and finance world, it’s approximately 2900% of a return of my $49.95 investment for purchasing an “A Sporting Chance for Peace” print.  In addition, it also has an unmeasurable and hidden value by promoting a Global Peace Initiative and positive life principles.  These measureless values are definitely worth sharing with my affiliates, associations, partners and corporate entities who share my values.   My return on investment that places me in line to receive a complimentary sculpture is Extraordinary!

Hilde Bottin – BELGIUM Donating sculpture to Hospital in Belgium


Hilde’s Remarks About the Sculpture

I’m very impressed by this fabulous sculpture. As an active athlete and sports fanatic I love the way it portrays the big variety in sports and the different aspects of each sport: the emotions, the efforts, the sheer determination, the beauty, the grace and so much more. It truly is a masterpiece.

Hilde’s Remarks About the Complimentary Sculpture Opportunity

Offering the opportunity to receive a complimentary sculpture sounds too good to be true. I work at the department of respiatory diseases of the university hospitals in Leuven and witness every day how important physical activity is for the rehabilitation of our patients. Lung transplant patients have a very tough itinerary to complete, before and after their transplantation, and I truly admire them for not giving up, fighting hard and coming out so strong in the end. Each year some of our patients  join other transplant patients to take part in the climb to the top of the Mont Ventoux, famous stage of the ‘Tour de France’. This is only one of the activities the Transplantoux Foundation organises  to encourage transplant patients to live a healthy life and thus honoring the donor and his family.  The Transplantoux Foundation was originally founded to raise awareness activities about organ transplantation.  If I would be so lucky as to receive a complimentary scuplture I would love to donate it to the Transplantoux Foundation.

Zoe Bennett – GREAT BRITAIN Founder of the MBCC Awards


Zoe’s Remarks About the Sculpture

We are honoured to receive a sculpture of such magnitude in meaning from Donald Brown. The message that is translated from this sculpture is inspiring as it resonates the sense of peace and unity for all communities regardless of their financial standing or status. Not only is the message outstanding and thought provoking but the sculpture itself is exquisite and a joy to look at.

Zoe’s Remarks About the Pending Donation from The Global Gallery

The donation of this sculpture will help to raise funds for 5 carefully selected diverse charities (Olive Circle Foundation, Breast Cancer Now, Whizzkidz, Live Love Laugh Foundation and Compton Hospice) on the 29th October 2016 at the Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards. To find out more about these charities and to nominate an unsung hero in the business and the community worlds within the Midlands, please visit www.midlandsbccawards.co.uk