Zoe Bennett

Zoe Bennett

Untitled-1Founder of the MBCC Awards

Zoe’s Remarks About The Sculpture

We are honoured to receive a sculpture of such magnitude in meaning from Donald Brown. The message that is translated from this sculpture is inspiring as it resonates the sense of peace and unity for all communities regardless of their financial standing or status. Not only is the message outstanding and thought provoking but the sculpture itself is exquisite and a joy to look at.

Zoe’s Remarks About The Pending Donation From The Global Gallery

The donation of this sculpture will help to raise funds for 5 carefully selected diverse charities (Olive Circle Foundation, Breast Cancer Now, Whizzkidz, Live Love Laugh Foundation and Compton Hospice) on the 29th October 2016 at the Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards. To find out more about these charities and to nominate an unsung hero in the business and the community worlds within the Midlands, please visit www.midlandsbccawards.co.uk