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Address: 203 Pomona Drive Greensboro, NC 27408 Phone: (336) 282-0132 Fax: (336) 282-6962 Facebook

The HEAG – Pain Manangement Centre P.A.

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HEAG pain clinic founded in 2006 by Dr. Kwadwo Gyarteng-Dakwa, is a private medical practice located in North Carolina.   


Dr. Gyaerteng-Dakwa is a remarkable anesthesiologist and pain management physician who has lent his extraordinary set of skills and knowledge to his patients for the last 27 years.

Your Pain Is

Our Priority


Location: Manhanttan, USA

Black Wall St. Media was founded to collaborate with Media Enterprises, organisations, influencers, and movements that are committed to changing the narrative on discrimination. We promote news of common interest to create and facilitate positive narratives on the diaspora.


Via our news stories, we inspire, educate, and empower with the hope that we, as a community, can solve current issues together and affirmatively inform dialogues of togetherness and cohesion.

Location: New York, USA

Perri Tales was created to start a revolution, or join one, through the power of spoken and written words. Words are powerful tools that can bridge gaps, heal hurts, build trust, and remake a world. 

Location: London, UK

Are you looking for that extra edge in your training? Or are you on your path to weight loss? Healthshop UK has got you covered from protein powders to organic oils and natural medicines.


Location: London, UK

Knowledge-finder is an educational media platform filling the gap between formal education and self-learning within the black community. We aim to become the number 1 authoritative source of information for black and other low socioeconomic groups. The Knowledge finder platform was created to make empowering information accessible to those whose circumstances make formal education a challenge.



Address: 4660 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 100 & 200, San Diego California 92122, U.S.A


Regenerative medicine has been called the “next evolution of medical treatments,” by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “With its potential to heal, this new field of science is expected to revolutionize health care.”

Location: New York, USA

Routes is an online magazine publishing articles relating to African-American culture and provides a guide to fun filled activities and entertainment in the New York City area, the United States and internationally.

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Poetry has become a way of life as I now find myself writing my own history from the experiences of living on this earth.   My background and all my life’s battles, conquests and traumas make me who I am.

Location: London, UK

Leadership Coaching, Mentoring  & Branding in London. At Imbue, we offer top quality executive coaching for clients in London and across the UK.

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Leadership Coaching, Mentoring  & Branding in London. At Imbue, we offer top quality executive coaching for clients in London and across the UK.


Location: London, UK

Sweet1ne Cuisine serves the most authentic Soul Food in London. We offer a wide range of traditional Nigerian, Carribean, Italian and Seafood dishes marinated and cooked with the most natural seasonings and herbs, all with fresh homemade sauces.  It’s the spicy-sweet taste of tender grilled and smoked jerk Chicken, smoky Jollof rice, our signature homemade Alfredo sauce over linguine Pasta and refreshing Jamaican punch.

Location: Bedford, UK

We at SpectaculArts want to change the narrative for under-represented communities in Bedford by nurturing positive, open dialogue.   By putting the arts at the centre of promoting community cohesion through exciting events, educational multimedia, community action and networking, we can bring about the change we want to see. Combining our talents with those of businesses and organisations, we are bringing about opportunities for real change.

Location: London, UK

CCR is an Internet radio station that promotes positive and conscious messages to communities worldwide that makes a positive difference tin the development of social enterprises.

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Location: Manchester, UK

To inspire the global African family to embrace the benefits of working together. To promote strong positive relationships able to withstand the challenges presented by our many differences. To create a simple but powerful business model, capable of owning and managing large commercial enterprises. 

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