Millennium Monument

It is time for a

Positive Change

We are at a key turning point in history. The world is being made acutely aware of the injustice faced by people from the African Diaspora and also the immeasurable contributions that they have made globally. We have seen monuments removed and all nationalities uniting in protests against the injustice faced by people from the African Diaspora.

The Millennium Monument

The Millennium Monument has been designed and created by Donald Brown. It will stand proud in countries worldwide and will represent a positive global awakening and newfound unity.  It honours both past and present individuals from African Diaspora that have made immeasurable contributions which have elevated the world to greater heights.

The time for action is now

As we begin to see the world in a new light, we must seize the moment and not let it slip away. We can take this chance to make positive progress and truly unite all nationalities.

Your chance for change!

Your purchase will contribute to the installation of the Millennium Monument in countries worldwide. They will serve as beacons that highlight and honour the lives and legacies of people from the African Diaspora. You will also be supporting schools worldwide in educating future generations about the trials and triumphs of people from The African Diaspora. Finally, your contribution will help to buy goods and services that will be donated to needy causes and communities.

“Forget not the Motherland and attend to her when she calls, for to lift up is not a duty, but an honour for virtuous men.”

Donald Brown

“The birth, raise and inspire, giving hope to the entire world, reveals but a portion of the true measure of a woman.”

Donald Brown

“Worlds apart and against all odds, independently, we fight on, but the bloodline unites and reminds us, that no matter what, we are one.” 

Donald Brown

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