Don’t take your talents to the grave they were given to you for a reason

Don’t take your talents to the grave they were given to you for a reason

Unfortunately, there are those who cannot bear to see us progress and succeed. They instinctively suppress us from elevating ourselves above their programmed level of normality, mediocrity or even wealth and success. Then there are those whose genuine concerns, though seemingly negative, are predicted on their limited and programmed understanding of our true potential.

Consider the ways that you may have been programmed and ask yourself “Is that the right lifestyle for me or would I be conforming to what I have been programmed to do.” By asking yourself this question, you will be better placed to determine if you are the puppeteer or the puppet.

“Don’t take your talents to the grave they were given to you for a reason”.

Our Right From Birth Is To Claim Our Birthright

Denial can be one of the damaging bi-products of conforming to what we may have been programmed to do. We fail to identify the unique gifts and talents we have been blessed with and innately programmed to nurture from birth. In doing so we deny ourselves the right to our birthright. The positive and wholesome gifts, talents and potentials that we are born with may forever lay dormant unless we first accept that our positive and wholesome uniqueness separates us from others. This should not to be seen as a reason for us to be segregated but the reason for us to be celebrated. Therefore it is imperative that we remain true to ourselves regardless of how obscure or unconventional others might regard our positive lifestyle choices.

Far too often many people are afraid of being ridiculed by others for not fitting in. They may have hidden talents and desires to pursue unusual yet positive interests or an obscure career that they believe could enable them to realise their potential success. However, because it might be so different from the norm, they fear the discouraging comments and remarks they may attract. This often leads to many people taking their talents to the grave and never realising their true potential.

“The eyesight of others can never replace the vision of your insight.”

If we allow ourselves to be continually programmed by others and surrounding forces, we may never discover our true identity. With each passing year, as we continually struggle to realise our goals and dreams, because we are pursuing them though the eyes of others, we may remain blind to our true vision hidden within.

“Desperation defines and destroys our desired destiny.”

Desperation is often another damaging bi-product of conforming to what we have been programmed to do from birth. We may have once been confident, inspired, determined individuals focused on achieving success. However, following the program and still failing to achieve our goals can cause many to become desperate. This in turn can impact every aspect of our lives and thereby redefine the core and ongoing development of our character and personality. Whereas once we had a pure desire to fulfil our destiny, for some it fades into oblivion as desperation takes over, redefines our character and slowly destroys our once sincere goal to reach our destiny.

The key is to identify how and why we have been programmed and decide what conditions of that program we truly wish to embrace and apply them to your own program. This requires us to deprogram our mind. How can this be achieved?

1) By not being a sheep and blindly accepting everything that is presented to us by friends, family and associates as the right things to embrace simply because they do or say so.

2) By not accepting popular trends and notions without question or examining their origin and purpose.

3) By asking if the short, mid and

4) By questioning if so many people are jumping on the bandwagon, who is in control of the reigns and where is the wagon is taking everyone.

Thinking in this way will help you to develop a strategy to think for yourself first before considering and or accepting the views and opinions of others. You will begin to activate the process of instinctively deprogramming your mind so that you can reprogram it with information and clarity that you truly, want, need and understand.

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