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The Millennium Monument, the time for change is now.

1. Support the movement

By purchasing a set of prints, you will be acknowledged as a Patron for supporting this Movement and for helping to educate and elevate present and future generations.

2. The Patron's Directory

Businesses will be selected periodically and entered into The Patron's Directory. They will receive free advertising and marketing worldwide.

3. The Patron's Gift

Businesses from the Patron’s Directory will be selected at random. £100 of goods or services will be purchased from the selected businesses and donated back to the community.


The Millennium Monument

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The Millennium Monument

By purchasing a set of  lithogrophic prints you will be contributing to the installation of the Millennium Monument in several countries where they will serve as beacons that highlight and honour the lives and legacies of people from the African Diaspora.



You will also be supporting schools worldwide in educating future generations about the trials and triumphs of people from The African Diaspora.   Finally, your contribution will help to buy goods and services that will be donated to needy causes and communities.



In recognition of this, you  will become a Patron of the movement, plus if you own a business you will have the opportunity to be included on the Patrons Directory which receives Worldwide marketing and promotion.

The Global Gallery

The Global Gallery incorporates art as a vehicle to educate and elevate a universal audience and to nurture and promote personal peace. We achieve this by creating works of art that address real life issues such as building confidence and self-esteem, striving for excellence and creating positive role models. We also address bullying and violence, developing wholesome communication and nurturing healthy relationships.”

The Millennium Monument is the sculpture at the forefront of a Movement that acknowledges the countless contributions made to the world by people from the African Diaspora. It pays tribute to the millions who suffered and perished during the transatlantic slave trade and serves to inform present and future generations that we stand on the shoulders of those who made great sacrifices.


“If we search for peace without having peace within, we leave our quest for peace in pieces.” Donald Brown

Thurgood Marshall
The Struggle
Dr Maya Angelou
Donald Brown Master Sculptor uses art as a tool to promote peace, inspiration and empowerment. “If we search for peace without having peace within, we leave our quest for peace in pieces” Donald Brown.
The time for a positive generational change is now. No longer can we ignore the shameful disease of racial injustice. “Look not for others to grant you that which you already have” Donald Brown.
The Millennium Monument
Larry Leon Hamlin
A Genius With Four Masters (MA)
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The Struggle
Thurgood Marshall
Larry Leon Hamlin
Dr. Maya Angelou